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A Bit about The Ramblin Rose Antiques in Brazoria, TX

Old Treasues, Vintage Finds, Antiques of All Sorts

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These are representative views of what can be found at Ramblin Rose Antiques. Frequent sales and marketing trips change the inventory constantly. Photos

sinksRomelle collects antiques far and wide, traveling to markets across the US and into the far reaches of Texas. She brings to Brazoria elegant vintage clothing, board game pieces, blocks, gas stoves, kitchen safes, dishes, flatware, pots and pans, all wood furniture, books, semi-fine jewelry, prints and paintings, toys, patio accessories, ranch finds, store finds, and so much more. She has a collection of furniture knobs, bodies of cars, used tools, old doors and old window frames for junkers that repurpose. There is even the odd kitchen sink or two.

Have an Antique to Sell?

Have you been blessed with Grandma's stuff? Romelle will buy, sell and trade. Looking for a special item? Romelle keeps a "Book of Wants," a record of requests, and will seach the markets for you.

end table and accessories in Ramblin Rose Antiques She also networks broadly with other of antique dealers and can refer you to others that might purchase from you or offer the item you seek.

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Situated on Hwy 36, The Ramblin Rose Antiques is just 20.5 mi to Quintana Beach in Freeport, TX. For vacationers to the beaches from Galveston Island to Matagorda Beach, a trip to this store makes a break from sun and sand. For those furnishing a beach house or apartment, or decorating a home, be sure to stop by for useful and decorative items to complete the decor. Locals already know they will find something of interest here. And the turnover is rapid, with new items added frequently to replace what recently sold.

Visit The Ramblin Rose Antiques on the website Antiquing Brazoria County and on Facebook.

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Says Romelle, "I'd rather be junkin'!"