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These pages via the links above are about the services of Valerie Coskrey.

Wayne has his own pages. His pages have been designed differently to better suit his personality. His work deals with photo processing and restoring, graphic arts, art, and computer repair.

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May 2015
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My newest project is the website for Artists and Artisans of the Brazoria County, TX, Area who have joined the local Facebook group. This will be an ongoing project that is now in its infancy. Members will get their own webpage.

I wrote another poem in Oct.: Homage to Bt Corn. In August I had written 2 poems and plan more book reviews.

Visit the Directory Sites and look at the footer info to see which sites I did.. I have assisted most members with their websites in some manner.

I assisted Sam Stamport in writing web pages with curricular activities for the Discovery Garden in West Columbia, TX. Pages are posted now. Sam is now working with West Columbia's America in Bloom program and writing updates in his blog on the Discovery Garden.

I am networking with a local group of antique dealers. This group has put out directories of antique shops in Brazoria County, TX. I assist with the website, the Facebook page, and shop at the Co-op Store in Alvin recently opened by the group.

I am still updating the pages of my first website and adding to my first blog. As to reviving the RFF Blog--Well, RFF has disbanded as a non-profit because of a death in the Board of Directors, but the Yahoo groups and Facebook page are still active. The sites promote reading speculative fiction, especially science fiction, by recommending books appropriate for youth.

The beginning of the new school year is bringing changes to my tutoring schedule. There are available time slots during the day for homeschool students and adults. Students needing school assistance need to schedule evening hours while they are still available.

Check out the new buttons in the NetworkShrub directory. I completed websites for many of those listed.~Valerie


I am an affiliate of many merchants. Even so, the opinions expressed are my own, and I do not speak for the merchant. Being an affiliate, however, does mean that the possibility of compensation does exist. ~Valerie