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I am a retired high school science teacher certified in biology, chemistry, and physics with a year's experience teaching college biology. I have graduate work up to an Ed.Spec. and have a broad range of academic credits. Hence, I tutor a broad range of subjects and grade levels.


I will come to your home or meet you at a public location for lessons. A restaurant like McDonald's is a good place to meet because there is free internet access and because most students are comfortable there. Tutoring times are set at your convenience as much as possible. My services are well worth the $20.00 to $30.00 per hour I charge for most subjects, according to my long-term clients.

As an independent tutor, I advertise locally, am contacted directly, am paid directly, and am not confined to a subject-matter-hiring status.

I currently tutor independently, although I was once listed in the Wyzant Directory. Email Valerie to contact me directly. Ratings by students, comments by students, and a background check statement were once found in Valerie's WyzAnt profile, but payment issues caused a parting of ways. I am still listed in as Valerie C., Sweeny, Tx.

Subjects And Pricing for Tutoring

Charges for Tutoring $30.00/hr in most cases, but only $20/hr in Sweeny.


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There are other pricing considerations. For group sessions add $10.00/child. For homeschool classes, especially assistance with a correspondence course or an online curriculum, fees may be negotiated per course.


Travel over 20 miles one-way is charged $0.40/mi (round-trip) for each additional mile as calculated one-way by the directions in Google Maps from Sweeny, TX.


Please note that if several students living near each other can be scheduled during a block of time, then the round-trip mileage can be adjusted so that the travel expense is shared. Another option for reducing travel expenses is to schedule an extended time span for the tutoring session. For example, if travel one-way is 35 miles and the tutoring session is 2 hours, then only .5 travel mileage is charged.

Special Pricing

Having financial difficulties? One lesson at the Sweeny, West Columbia, or Brazoria library is offered free of charge. Following that, fee negotiation is possible. Under long-term conditions, prices are also negotiable. A 9 mo. homeschool committment is priced by negotiation with a maximum of $20/hr per child.

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