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Introducing the NetworkShrub℠

networkshrub logo We wish to encourage small businesses like ourselves; so we will do what we can to put information about local small businesses online with blogs and web pages.

Coskrey Biz will place a set of pages into our domain with information about your small business, or assist you in getting your own domain and website. Coskrey Biz will set-up a blog for you and write posts to it regularly. Coskrey Biz will occasionally advertise off-line, referring the public to view the directory of businesses in our network listed in our website.

We believe that this online exposure will be a beneficial advertisement for your small business.

Blog and Websites Written by Valerie

This site is written in HTML5 and CSS3. These are the up and coming languages for basic/simple webpages. By building basic pages, we keep the cost low. Contact Valerie for a discussion of your needs and an estimate of cost.

Webpage designs run about $45.00, including 250 words of text. Images are usually modified and add to the cost of the page. For example, the website template to the left is $75.00 with links, headings, header, footer and 250 words of text prepared for you. This price includes obtaining and processing the 6 Fotolia images used in the design.

& Disclosure:

Members of this directory are clients of Coskrey Biz. Coskrey Biz does not vet members for quality of work, character, citizenship, or credentials. Coskrey Biz offers no guarantee of customer satisfaction should you choose to do business with any of our clients. Clients are businesses or individuals independent of Coskrey Biz who have purchased a service from Cosrkrey Biz. That said, Valerie does write her honest opinions.

I am an affiliate of many merchants. Even so, the opinions expressed are my own, and I do not speak for the merchant. Being an affiliate, however, does mean that the possibility of compensation does exist. --Valerie